World of Possibilities

World of Possibilities

Most people will tell you that nothing is impossible, some will even point it out that the word in itself says “I’m possible”. As much as all these are true, what operates in the life of individuals make the assertion subjective.

What constitute impossibilities? Fear, doubt, unpreparedness, lack of understanding, pessimism by self and people around, lack of faith in ones ability and God’s capabilities etc; in general our inadequacies . If you still struggle with one or more of these elements, you will still see stepping stones as stumbling blocks, ant hills as mountains, storms in teacup, imposibilities in testimonies, darkness in dawn…

99% of our problems (impossibilities) are self-solving if given time and right approach, while over 60% do not really exist just something created by us through our inadequacies. So technically, we don’t really have problems or impossibilities as the case maybe, just elements that needs to be overcome.

How do we overcome these elements? 1. Positive words and affirmation 2. Understanding yourself both strength and weaknesses 3. Keeping positive people around you at all times 4. Having a role model, mentor or life-coach to learn from 5. Trusting in God at all times.

Next time when you are confronted with the thoughts of the word “impossibilities”, remember; only your inadequacies (the elements above) give life to the word, it actually doesn’t exist. So focus on improving yourself and you won’t have an impossibility on your way. Welcome to my world, a world of possibilities.

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