Note To The Enslaved

Note To The Enslaved

To everyone living with foster parents; whether you are an orphan, forced by circumstances, pushed by desperate parents, compelled by survival, whichever is your case, this is a message specially for you. The future might look very bleak at the moment but I have a strong conviction that you would eventually have it your way. 

You might be feeling used, enslaved, maltreated, even abused but in all of these please don’t lose the lessons life is trying to teach you because eventually those would be your gains from all these troubles. Yes! They maybe putting you through hard labour while their own kids enjoy all the luxuries, you might have to be up all night doing chores while their kids enjoy blissful night sleep, you might be in a public school with no good teachers while their kids enjoy the best of ultramodern schools but in all these don’t think for a second you were created for less. Remember, the test of fire makes a fine steel. What you are experiencing now is not meant to limit how far you can go, it is meant to test your resolve to beat life’s odds.

Don’t become hateful, don’t bottle up anger, don’t lose your self-worth and don’t dispense off your dreams. Dreams?!? Yes! Dreams! You must have a dream, don’t be worried about your current limitations, dreams have a way of coming to life when they are nurtured. Opportunities will come, all that you have passed through will be exactly all you would need and then things will start swinging your way. Keep your dreams alive within you and don’t lose hope because it is the best way to overcome occasional depressions and desperations that would come your way from time to time. 

If you are reading this, that means you have access to internet (no matter how seldom), use it to improve yourself. Read as wide as you can, educate yourself, pick interest in what fascinates you and learn as much as you can about it. Formal education is less than 20% of what you need to be successful, the rest is self-development and that you can do yourself, if you put your heart to it. It won’t be easy my friend, but 10years from now when you look back at it all, it would be worth it.
I am not giving you false hope, this is doable, some of us have passed through it, and I for one can say, it made me better and I turned out better than those kids I was enslaved to. You too can! You deserve to be happy and you would be, it may not be as soon as you desire it but it would surely come and when it comes, you would look back with tears of joy in your eyes and say, ‘Yes, I made it’.

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