In My Life Nothing is Impossible ; All About The Tools

Impossible; All about the tools

So many motivational and inspirational words have been said about ‘how nothing is impossible and how everything is possible’. Of truth, all these words have pushed people to limits beyond their imagination but then, after all said and done, many have also failed. People have been inspired to the point where they leave certainty and then chase shadows. Of truth, some caught the shadow while most never did. Majority, even though, have been thoroughly inspired but yet they never reached their El-Dorado because of the missing link. In this message, I am going to tell you what the missing link is.

Dream is God’s special way of inspiring/preparing us for the future, though some believe it is just our subconscious bringing to fore our innermost thoughts and desires. However you see it, bottom line, dreams are special and often times when achieved, they redefine our existence. When Willy Ley wrote about landing on the moon many must have said it was impracticable. When Jesus said His mission was to preach the goodnews to the world, that must have sounded crazy at that time considering mobility and transfer of information. Leonardo da Vinci (The Ornithopter), when he came up with how man could actually fly, he must have been a laughingstock considering how previous efforts of man to fly had failed then. However, all the above had something in common, they all achieved the impossible in the end. Now let me tell you how they did it.

I once wrote that “impossibilities do not exist” and I still stand by that. Know that, it is not impossible, it just hasn’t been done yet, better put, when something seems impossible, it is only so because no one has found the right tool(s) to make it possible. To land on the moon Willy Ley found the right tool to be rocket and fuel and not witchcraft and sorcery; to spread the gospel all over the world Jesus found the right tools to be ‘disciples and apostles’ and not just being a lone ranger or twosome crusader like prophets before him did; and for man to fly Leonardo knew the right tool was to build an aircraft and not man strapping feathers to their limbs like overgrown birds.


Impossibility + The right tools = Possibility

Most people who have attempted to walk their dreams have failed because rather than focusing on what the required tools are, they are lost in fear because no one has done it before, then they conclude it must be impossible. To make it worse, these people often surround themselves with friends and families who are quick to point out why it won’t work. Not to talk of the role of their faith and resolve to transforming situations from never to ever.

You need to understand that for any task to be done successfully, the right tools; implements, resources, qualifications, experiences, brains etc must be carefully selected and used. Often times, it is never a day-job because lots of planning, concentration, brainstorming, seclusion, research, meetings etc goes into it. Imagine someone who wants to sweep the floor and all he has is a toothpick, the task is impossible already but with broom or vacuum cleaner, that same task becomes possible. That is exactly the way our dreams are, if we have not figured out the right tool(s), we will still see that dream as an impossibility but the moment we are able to figure out what the right tool is/are, then our success becomes a miracle before everyman.

I challenge you today, do not give up on that dream of yours just because some people called it ‘an impossibility’, don’t let go-off that ambition of yours because some naysayers said it is ‘impracticable’ and finally don’t write-off that beautiful idea because couple of friends laughed you down when you came up with it…channel all your energy into finding the right tool(s) required to birth your dream, your innovation, your idea, your ambition… and once you can do that you would have made the impossible, POSSIBLE.


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