Reasons You Cannot Be A Failure

Reasons You Cannot Be A Failure

We don’t try because we don’t want to fail. We are always looking for that safe haven; a place where we won’t be judged, where we would stay anonymous in case it didn’t work out, a place where we are not the cynosure of all eyes, hmm! Reason you didn’t try out for the football team, reason you didn’t write that book, reason you didn’t act on that great idea, reason you would not talk in class, reason you would not socialize, reason you would not take up that challenging task or job…but the truth is, one might fail,one might be woeful but not trying or quitting is the only thing makes one a failure.


You are probably wondering why I am so convinced you cannot be a failure? Well you will have to read the reasons below and I assure you will find every reason to be a success.

👉 No excuse is enough
No excuse  or combination of excuses are enough to tell the tales of your lack of success. You want to look at those dependent on you and tell them you did not achieve certain heights expected of you because of some washed reasons? I am sure you wouldn’t want to, especially when you realized that you are not the only one exposed to these limitations. If others can surmount worse things why not you?

👉 You have enough tools and people to guide you
You have enough Tools and People to guide and shape your life. In this era of internet and information at your finger tips, you can hardly go wrong (Google is your friend). You also have people who have tried and failed, before becoming a success; their biographies abound, mentorship, motivational write ups, books, research works, consultants… Come on without even trying too hard you are bound to succeed with all these.

👉 The whole world is watching
The world is watching and the world is waiting. Aside from those who are directly dependent on you, most are just on the sidelines waiting to see what will become of you; classmates, colleagues, friends you grew up with, younger ones looking up to you, older ones looking down on you, teachers who are eager to make you a reference point in their lectures and people you hardly see or know who added you on Social Media just to monitor your progress… Oh! now you know, it’s the whole world.

👉 You don’t want to be a failure
You don’t want to be a failure, that I am sure of. Why? You wouldn’t be reading this if you want to be. In reality, no sane person wants to be a symbol of failure, regret and bad example, though rather than this motivating people to succeed it often leads most to the point of not trying. However, the fact remains that no one wants to be a failure. And if that is right of you too, you are sane for sure, and I am sure you are not like those that use it as an excuse not to act. Rather let it be your pivot, pushing you not to give up on what you believe.

👉 To Fail is not an end in itself
To fail is not an end in itself, quitting is. To fail is just one of the series of occurrence between the point of conceiving an idea to the point of achieving success. All that happens in-between include fails, rejection, humiliation, false success, insults etc and it will go on till you succeed. However, if you quit without getting to the success part, then you become a quitter and a failure. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, if you do not give up, if you are not ashamed to acknowledge the fact that you have failed but you have resolved to keep moving forward , if you are not deterred by the boos from the crowd, if you can look pass the current mountain in front of you…you will eventually reach the success point.


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