Messi Vs Ronaldo; My choice!

If there is one topic that divides football lovers all over the world currently, it is “who is better between C.Ronaldo (CR7) and Messi?” There have been diverse expressions from stakeholders; statement of opinion from other footballers, unguarded utterances from sport officials and facts from analysts but one thing is still lingers on; there can’t seem to be a consensus.

I am a football lover too and like many others, if I do not allow my judgement to be clouded by my other sentiments, it is hard to pick from these two. However, this article is not meant to help me or you choose between these two, rather I will attempt to point out those things; traits and characters that has made these two legendary, which I think we can use too.


1. Talent Vs Hardwork
Looking at the two stars, easily one can see that Messi is more talented however, what Ronaldo is missing in talent he made up for in hard work. Messi is a workaholic too but undoubtedly Ronaldo is the most hardworking player ever known.
Lessons: Because you are talented doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard. You have to sharpen your talent if not you will soon forget what you think you are good at. And if you are not talented at something, it doesn’t mean you can’t be great at it, it only means you have to work twice as hard as someone who is talented.

2. Passion Vs Love
Messi in my own analysis has the love for the game, he wants to enjoy the game and be exceptional while Ronaldo has passion for success, he wants to be more efficient and want to achieve results.
Lessons: The best way to achieve success fast is to enjoy what you do. Love for what you do will definitely keep you going even when the odds are against you while your passion for success will ensure that what you Love is paying the bills and making available what you want; success, money and fame.

3. Re-invention Vs Acceptance
Over the years, Ronaldo has had to re-invent himself, as many times as required, in order to become more efficient; from the right wing, to the centre then to the left side. He has re-invented his styles to make sure he remains relevant. On the other hand, Messi had worked with the acceptance of what he is capable of. Many like him had been called ‘great’ but ended up failing to deliver, but he has always delivered. He accepted what was expected of him and built on it.
Lessons: No matter what you are called, if you don’t accept it you can’t be it. Whether good or bad, you have to accept it first before you become it. If you have been called something good, accept it and build on it but if it is something bad, you can always re-invent yourself as many times as possible to prove them wrong. It is your life and you can always write how your story will end.


4. Endless Push Vs Self-assurance
The life of Messi can be seen as one based on self-assurance, right from his discovery, treatment to stardom. The pressure must have been overwhelming but somehow he has kept assuring himself it is doable. Ronaldo on the other hand, epitomizes endless push, each time you want to write him off, he finds a new way of surprising you; sometimes seemingly coming back from the dead.
Lessons: You have to believe in yourself, and sometimes even against all odds keep assuring yourself it is doable. Nothing matters, not the pressure from families, the expectations from friends and the doubts from haters, none should really matter; you must not give up on yourself. You have to constantly keep pushing yourself, till you reach your goal. Often times, it is convenient to give up and say “l couldn’t have done anything” but the truth is there is always something to be done, even when people think you are dead and buried, you can still beat the odds, if you don’t stop pushing.

5. Self-belief Vs Persistence
Too often people mistake Ronaldo’s self-belief for arrogance, I don’t intend to debate this though, but like most success driven individuals, there is the aura of “I know what I am capable of” around them and I think that explains self-belief. While with Messi you will understand persistence, he keeps coming in your face, so hard to stop and eventually you will have to give way because he won’t stop.
Lessons: Having self-belief and being persistent for me takes your drive for success to another height. Ordinarily, It is hard to sell yourself to others but it is even harder if you don’t believe in yourself. This is why I believe, the first step to success is self-belief, even if some people mistake it for arrogance. Then you have to keep stepping up even if you are up in other people’s space and you have to keep doing this persistently.


There is a lot we can learn from these two idols, if we can, for some pretty few seconds, forget whatever we have against them and see their great sides. People who are up there didn’t just get there, no matter how lucky some of us might think they are, they must have worked some things up, which if we can borrow from, our climb to success won’t be that hard.

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