Captain Marvel

Capital Marvel

I love sci-fi movies especially Marvel Movies and you know what I love most about them, watching super heroes rise above everything, to me it serves as some encouragement that I, You and Everyone can rise above our immediate challenges.

Now to the movie, well not as much as I expected, considering the hype and the fact that all hopes in Avengers Endgame rest on what Captain Marvel brings to the table else Thanos would get away with destroying everything and everyone we have all come to love. Anyways, what really got my attention and led to this article were the hidden motivations in the movie.

Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) woke up to realize she had a trilling power which was brought under control by a latch (a computer chip) planted on her neck by the Kree and the Kree warriors trained her on how to get the best of her powers, though they pointed out that her emotions were her weakness and couple of times they showed her how this made her vulnerable.

As the movie went on, soon she got her memory back, she realized her powers weren’t from the Kree or the Warriors that trained her, and in fact the latch on her neck was to limit her powers, against what they told her. The most interesting fact is that what they called her weakness (her emotions) was what eventually set her free.

Now my point in all these:

People will try to limit you and disguise it under mentoring, controlling, protecting, supervising guiding and other whatever-ings you must have heard before. But you would have to discover yourself first to be able to set yourself free. Your strength doesn’t come from what people think or how best they think you can live, your strength is from what you want for yourself.

Parents, guardians, friends, family and so on would try and tell you what you can or cannot do, as much as I would urge you to listen, I would also beg you to be yourself. You have unlimited powers as given to you by God as manifested by your talents don’t let anyone limit how you use these powers to change the world.

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There are cultures that perpetually limit women and people of color because of the imaginary bar (latch) they have put on them and what is expected of them, don’t live in these shackles. You should not be limited because of your gender, color, language, religion or opinion. Break free! Not in rebellion but with every sense of purpose to attain your full potential.

Whatever anyone tells you, this or that is your weakness, please don’t believe them because in fact you have none. What they have been able to prove is your weakness if better understood and harnessed is in fact one of your most powerful weapons.

God doesn’t deal in faulty parts, you are a complete fully functional life changing individual designed to fulfill purpose, if you have a trait that seems like a flaw, it is because you have not fully understood yourself.

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Opera Winfrey was once told she was too emotional and you know what, her success was built on her emotions.

People will try and point out what they are not comfortable with about you as your flaw, don’t ever suppress who you are or what you are capable of because of what people say, no matter how close you think they are to you.

Many would have told Peter Dinklage (the dwarf in Game of thrones) that his only flaw was his height but you know what, that has been his strength all his movie career. His height doesn’t only make him fit for some characters but his ability to embrace who he is made him flawless in the eyes of fans.

It is a tough world and most people put themselves first, whatever is about you that doesn’t make them feel comfortable they try to paint it as your flaw and in their selfishness, if you allow them they will make you second best of what and who you should be.

So friends, know you are capable of so much more, don’t allow yourself to be limited, the world deserves all you can give, so love like Captain Marvel, bring it on.

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