In My Life Nothing is Impossible; The Zidane’s Story

In My Life Nothing is Impossible; The Zidane’s Story

Even if you dream about it, hear about it, see it , want to do it, you tell yourself that it’s impossible, that’s why in my life nothing is impossible.
“Zinedine Zidane” About scoring in a World Cup final


This motivational slogan “in my life nothing is impossible” came to me some years ago, back then when OGBC (Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation), was a must listen to. I recall it was an interview on Brilla Sports by Larry Izamoje (not sure whether it was a live or rebroadcast) which featured a World Cup winner, the young Zinadine Zidane. The interview gave birth to my most motivating slogan till today, each time I feel down or not sure, I repeat the slogan and I just get comfy again.

Here are bits and pieces from the interview, I hope it impacts on you as much as it does to me…

Back in France 1998 before the final of the World Cup, Zidane recalled a discussion he had with Emmanuel Petit, the morning of the final match against Brazil. Zidane said, “Emmanuel called me and told me he had a dream that we defeated Brazil, 3 goals to nothing”.I bursted into laughter and I told him, he should stop kidding around because that can never happen!  Then he continued, he said “you scored two of the goals but wasn’t sure who scored the third”, Now I couldn’t control my laughter. I remembered telling him that was impossible; with the likes of Ronaldo De lima in front , Cafu and Carlos at back and TAFFAREL in goal and captain Dunga, that was just not possible. We laughed it off and went for the light walkout.

We were well aware of the task ahead of us, in what will be a very difficult match but which we all dreamed of playing. When we filed out, I stood close to Emmanuel, a part of me wanted to believe that dreams do come true but at the same time I was trying to be realistic. When the match finally started we missed lots of chances and my doubts grew. Then the first goal came, I’m not very good with my head. But I went for the near post on the corner from Emmanuel (Petit). I got there and the ball came, and I headed it right for once. It’s fabulous. My thought was, “this is just a coincidence”. Then I got the second goal, I was just ecstatic. Dreams are coming true, I have my two goals as Emmanuel had said. Then in the second half, we lost Marcel Desailly to red card, my doubts came again, “Brazil can still equalize”, I told myself. We held the ball well and tried to see the game through, then the most amazing thing happened, we had a break and at the end of it was Emmanuel, he got the third goal on the dot of the final whistle. I told myself, “little wonder he didn’t see who got the third goal”.


There was huge pressure, especially before the big games. Not many people believed in us, but we believed in ourselves. We wanted to do something good and we did. Climbing the podium that day to collect the medal everything kept playing over in my head, dreams do come true, I finally agree. It may seems difficult to believe, even if you dream about it, hear about it, see it , want to do it, you tell yourself that it’s impossible. But since that day I never have doubts and that’s why in my life nothing is impossible.

In my life too, nothing is impossible, I might have challenges, I might be faced with limitations, impossibilities might seem written all over my circumstances but I am so confident that in my life nothing is impossible. I have seen dreams come true, I have heard testimonies, I have watch breakthroughs unfold, I have seen the unbelievable happen and I have come to the conclusion that nothing is impossible. Young men making the difference, ladies leading beautiful ideas, events challenging believe, old people giving hope, children with impeccable wisdom and I believe that is life reminding me, nothing is impossible! What about you?

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